4,500,000,000 English Keyword Database

The English keyword database contains 4,528,316,937 (4,5 billion) keywords. There are 440,797,718 keywords among these 4,5 bln. English keywords that have Google data for October 2016 with the following details on each of them:

  • Google Searches per Month for USA (exact match);
  • Google Adwords Cost-per-Click for USA (Average cost per click for an individual keyword in Google AdWords).
  • You can use English keyword database for keyword research, “white-hat SEO” and advertising with Google AdWords ads or Google AdWords pay-per-click. It’s a really good product offered at a very good price. Similar databases cost from $8,000 to $25,000. This database contains all information you need for picking good keywords and building massive keyword lists.

    All niches are covered: finance, business, blog, computer, health, art, news, reference, regional, world, science, society, shopping, sports, home, games, industry and many other keywords.

    * 2,000,000,000 English Database of Similar Keywords
    ( i.e. "clouds" of targeted keywords)

    Database of similar keywords, i.e. "clouds" of targeted keywords. For instance, the similar words for the "web hosting" will be "dedicated server", "unlimited bandwidth", etc. The database contains 2,077,883,831 (2 billions) keywords - Google search keywords in English with relations between them collected from 2 sources: Google Keyword Planner and Google Suggest.

    Filter keyword database by keywords

    Filter keyword database by keyword data

    Work with all keyword databases in one window

    Find related keywords using similar databases

    Sort keyword lists by any column

    Export keyword lists and data to XLS, CSV, TXT, HTML etc.

    The basic advantage over free tools is a large number of keywords. For example, 634,865 keywords for the "business" term, 399,270 keywords with the "insurance" term, 494,444 search terms with the "travel" word.

    The main difference from other paid analogues - search queries and popularity data are collected from Google, not from meta-search engines.

    The database is available as a set of TXT files:

  • This TAB-separated txt file that can be easily viewed in any text editor capable of reading large files. This format suits people who are planning to create automated systems. It's also useful for people working under MacOS/Unix.

  • Frequently asked questions:

    What’s the size of the database? The size of the English 4,5 billion keyword database is 23,6 Gb in archive. You will need to have at least 60 Gb of free space on HDD for unpacked database. English similar database is 3,97 Gb in archive. You will need to have at least 7,41 Gb of free space on HDD for unpacked database.

    How often the database is updated? The database is updated once every 6-7 months. There are no free updates; there is a 40-50% discount from its original price (depending on the period passed since the last update).

    How to buy TXT version:

    Price: $4997

    Please contact me by email max@pastukhov.com, Skype MaxPastukhov (chat only) or ICQ 234700384 to submit your payment by PayPal or Visa / MasterCard.

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    I will send you the links to the files as soon as we have received the notification of your payment (from 30 minutes to 6 hours). The download links will remain available for you as long as you need them.

    I am online for 14-16 hours a day. If you have any questions contact me by email max@pastukhov.com or Skype MaxPastukhov (chat only).

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