After a series of experiments we finally moved Xedant to a more meaningful brand for a marketing automation company: Adomation. We also plan to launch a lot of new tools pretty soon.

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What happened?

I ran Xedant as a hobby since 2005. It was always much more fun for me to code something new than to grow the business. It was an effective business model in the early days of Internet but it eventually got disrupted by larger and larger startup teams, leaving no place for hobby-driven independent software developers like me.

I started to learn management and found that it's surprisingly similar to software development. During the course of my experiments I launched some products for traders, then decided to get back to marketing automation niche because we speak the same language.

So, I finally sold my trading business and reinvested everything I made into relaunching Xedant. And, because it's focused on marketing automation, I have got a much better name for it:

Enjoy! :)

What about our customers?

All Xedant customers got full support during my trading experiments and I will continue to support them after the migration. Both online and offline versions of Xedant products will be fully functional for as long, as people actually use them. I will also serve all support requests, as usual.

Need more details? Please contact us. We are online for 12-14 hours a day.