Sale is over!

I switched to stock trading, so you can get sources of all keyword databases I harvested and software I developed over time.

What happened?

Several weeks ago I closed keyword database sales, because I switched to stock trading. I can't work effectively on two different niches at a time. I honestly tried to do it in the last 12 months, but it didn't work out.

I found that I need much more time and resources to launch a new business, than I expected initially. I'm selling keyword database sources to cover my risks at the moment. Immediately after I make enough money from the new product, this offer will be over.

What about our customers?

Sales termination doesn't mean termination of support. Both online and offline versions of the product will stay available for as long, as people actually use them. I will also serve all support requests, as usual.

Final closeout sale

You can get all my keyword databases as source text files, plus all software sources I developed over time. It also includeds the right to use them in any type of projects, both public and private.

Please note that this offer doesn't include data harvesters.

I outsourced data harvesting a long time ago. But, even if I had some harvesters in-house, I would not be happy to sell them because they need real-time attention and support. Data sources frequently change formats and protocols, impose new restrictions and extra levels of control over the data.

On the other side, I can introduce you to a person who did data harvesting for me all these years. I'm sure that you will come to a mutually beneficial agreement at a surprisingly low price.

What will you get?

Full sources of all my 48 keyword databases, havested in the last 12 years. The total size is 233Gb of text files in 7z archives, which will take about a terrabyte unpacked.

You will also get full c# source code of both online and Windows versions of the products. They are highly optimized for speed and cost-efficiency. A single server I assembled 5 years ago, workings silently at my kitchen, serves all my 3,000+ customers at a peak load of 3%. It's the main reason I can guarantee service availability even after I stop selling it. It costs me virtually nothing.

Windows software is also highly optimized for speed. While it synchronizes with a server, it costs me not more than $5 a month.

There is also a tool for managing keyword databases. It automates the process of data management, which enables me to import new data in a single day almost without manual intervention.

All sources are in c#, structured and commented. They come with a detailed documentation on installation and management of the system. It also explains the most complex algorythms in depth.

I will answer all your questions on sources in a Skype chat for 2 weeks after the purchase. Then you will get unlimited e-mail support. You can expect to get my answers via email in 3-9 hours on average.

You will also get my personal "thank you!", because you can really help me to leaunch the new business :)

Need more details?

You can contact me at ,Telegram @maxpast or Skype maxpastukhov (chat only).

I'm online for 12-14 hours a day.