Windows Version Quick Start

System requirements:
- Intel® Pentuim® 2.0 GHz or higher.
- Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
- RAM: Microsoft® Windows® XP - 1024 Mb; Windows Vista / Windows 7 - 1536 Mb.
- Hard drive space: 60 MB for program files ONLY!

 Please note that the software requires Internet connection to run and to save changes.

- It is recommended to disable firewall before installing Market Research Laboratory software.
- It is recommended not to change the default installation path.
- Download Keyword Databases software here, run the installation file and follow the dialogs of the installer.

Registration User registration is carried out only by technical support. After purchase you will receive email with unique login and password to log into the software. If you have not received this email, please contact us by or ICQ  234700384.

- Connect to the Internet and run the software.
- Enter your username (login) and password that was sent to your email and press "Login" button.

How to create new database (save file)
- To create a database (save file) press "New" button in the File toolbar.
- To quickly create a new knowledge base click Ctrl + N.

- Enter any desirable database name.

- The database (save file) will be stored on the server. The software saves (uploads) changes to the server in a background mode.

To create a backup copy of existing database (save file) at the server press the "Backup" button in the File toolbar.

Synchronizing the database (save file) is nothing like saving all changes. The only difference is that in the case of synchronization, all changes are sent to the server and stored there in a special folder. The synchronization works in a background mode.

How to download keyword database
1. Open the download page in browser.
2. Select the keyword/similar database you want to download and click the torrent link to add it to the download list or save this torrent file to your hard disk for further download.
3. Enter your username and password that you received after the purchase in the appered login form.

4. The download will start automatically.

 Please use uTorrent client ( to download keyword/similar databases.

How to add keyword database to the software

 Before you can add the keyword database that you've downloaded from server to the software don't forget to unpack it. It is in a 7z format, so please use 7 zip tool ( to unpack the database. Please do not use WinRAR as it can't support large archives.
1. Connect to the Internet, run the software and login to your account. 
2. Go to the Settings tab.

3. Press the "Keyword Databases" or "Cloud Databases" button, select the database you want to add to the software, search for the folder with the appropriate keyword database stored on your local hard drive and press Ok. Now you create your database (save file) and start working with the keyword database.

Discontinued Sorry, but this product is no longer available for purchase. Please visit for updates.