The unique solution for SEO/PPC/marketing research and analytics companies: huge English Keyword Database (4,599,642,918 unique keywords) with the popularity (exact numbers, not ranges!) and CPC you can download as a set of source text files and build your own keyword research/keyword suggestion tools or integrate into your internal marketing system and public SaaS products.

It includes the complete pack of two Keyword Databases with the licenses for both internal and public, free and commercial use:

4,599,642,918 English Keyword Database

The database contains 4,599,642,918 (4,6 billion) unique English keywords harvested from Google Keyword Planner and Google Suggest. There are 618,613,160 keywords with non-zero data for US up to May 2017 and 440,797,718 keywords with non-zero data for US and UK up to October 2016 (the last month when Google provided exact search volume data, not ranges) with the following columns:

  • Ranged Google Searches per Month for USA for May 2017;
  • Google Adwords Cost-per-Click for USA (Average cost per click for an individual keyword in Google AdWords) for May 2017;
  • Google AdWords Advertiser's Competition (competition rate for a given keyword among AdWords advertisers);
  • Exact Google Searches per Month for USA for October 2016;
  • Google Adwords Cost-per-Click for USA (Average cost per click for an individual keyword in Google AdWords) for October 2016;
  • Exact Google Searches per Month for UK for October 2016;
  • Google Adwords Cost-per-Click for UK (Average cost per click for an individual keyword in Google AdWords) for October 2016.

All niches are covered: finance, business, blog, computer, health, art, news, reference, regional, world, science, society, shopping, sports, home, games, industry and many other keywords. It is one of the best keyword databases on the market, especially taking into account recent Google Keyword Planner data display limits!

The main advantage over using other third-party tools is a large number of keywords you can search and export without any limits. For example, there are 634,865 keywords that contain "business" word, 399,270 keywords with the "insurance" word, 494,444 keywords with the "travel" word.

All keywords are natural Google search queries, there are no artificial keywords made up by word permutations or garbage from automated queries. The only reason why only 400 million of them have exact data is that Google Keyword Planner doesn't display any data for long-tail keywords, thus forcing advertisers to stick to less targeted broad keywords.

Please read the numerous testimonials from 3,000+ of our customers if you are still in doubts :)

Here is a sample of online keyword tool based on this data:

2,077,883,831 English Similar Database ("clouds" of related keywords)

This database contains keyword suggestions that don't contain an initial keyword (you can get such "more specific" suggestions from the main 4.5 bln. database). For instance, the related keywords for "web hosting" will be "dedicated server", "unlimited bandwidth", etc. There are 2,077,883,831 (2 billions) suggestions, harvested from Google Keyword Planner.

All databases come as a set of text files you can download from our FTP server:

The size of the English 4,6 billion keyword database is 25 Gb in archive. You will need to have at least 148 Gb of free space on HDD for unpacked database. English similar database is 3,97 Gb in archive. You will need to have at least 7,41 Gb of free space on HDD for unpacked database.

You will get several TAB-separated text files that can be easily viewed in any text editor capable of reading large files. You can import them into any database management system of your choice. Please note that you may need some experience in Big Data to handle such volumes of data.

We update the databases once every 6-7 months. There are no free updates; there is a 40-50% discount from its original price (depending on the time passed since the last update).

You can get full access to the online version of the database for 2 hours in demo mode, so you can verify the data and the quality of the database before the purchase.

How to buy:

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You can also purchase C# sources of my online keyword tool - it seamlessly serves 100+ simultaneous customers on a single Xeon E5 V2 server with 128Gb of RAM. Please contact me for details.