6,000,000 German Keyword Database Online

Online German keyword database contains6,506,025 German keywords with the following details on each of them:

  • Yahoo! Overture popularity;
  • Google Search Results;
  • Google AdWords Number Ads.

All niches are covered: finance, business, blog, computer, health, art, news, reference, regional, world, science, society, shopping, sports, home, games, industry and many other keywords.

PLUS : German Database of Similar Keywords ( i.e. "clouds" of targeted keywords)

Online keyword database of similar keywords contains 5,000,000 keywords with the following details on each of them:

  • Google similar keywords;
  • Overture similar keywords.

The database is available in 2 packages:

  • Feature-rich online version of the keyword database for any OS. You can search, filter and order keywords by any column, sort keywords by any available data column, create keyword lists, export your own keywords and data. If it's more convenient for you to use text or Excel files, you can search for keywords, searches per month/bid prices and then export results to a text or CSV/Excel file.
  • The database is available as a single text file. This txt file can be easily viewed in any text editor capable of reading large files. This format suits people who are planning to create automated systems, upload the database to server, import the database to MySQL, etc. It's also useful for people working under MacOS/Unix.

Frequently asked questions:

 What are system requirements for online keyword database? The online keyword database works under any OS, like Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Mac OS or Linux. The only thing you need to start the work - is your favourite web browser.

 How often the database is updated? The database is updated once every 6-7 months. There are no free updates; there is a 40-50% discount from its original price (depending on the period passed since the last update).

 Can I use the database at home/office/etc.? The online keyword database is locked to your personal account on server, i.e. you can use the databases on your home/laptop/partner's or office computer with the Internet connection.

Discontinued Sorry, but this product is no longer available for purchase. Please visit adomation.com for updates.