“Well, in general, the keyword database can hardly be overestimated, and whoever uses it will avoid a great deal of pain with keywords, categories, bids... One way or the other, it will work off its cost quickly and will provide for itself for long.”

Greenwood bloggreenwood.com

“Just launched the keyword database; I'm stunned: in one of my categories, where I used somewhat 800-900 keys; this thing has picked almost 61000!!!!”

Anatol anatol22.com

“This keyword database is just the place where one can find keywords of relatively high frequency and relatively low competition. And then work with that bundle consistently.”

Slider community.livejournal.com/ru_adsense/12728.html

“The keyword database is great… I couldn't even estimate the number and variations in my categories.”

BUFO forum.searchengines.ru/showthread.php?p=1676928

“Bought Max's keyword database with English keywords. I've been totally pleased. Certainly, some divergences occur, but they all are reasonable + changes in the statistics. Quality, patient support staff.”

Maximus325 forum.searchengines.ru/showthread.php?t=108594&page=3

“Well done! Whoever deals with AdWords will understand and value it.”

BS-Traffic forum.searchengines.ru/showthread.php?p=1676928

“I've used Max's keyword database for expanding my keywords ... It allowed me to buy clicks at 10-12 cents instead of a dollar or above.”

Dmitry davydov.blogspot.com/2007/01/blog-post_16.html

“I recommend it. The product is definitely worth its price.”

Mihan forum.searchengines.ru/showthread.php?p=3771089

“Pastukhov Keyword Database is a handy tool for the promotion of virtually any website: from the corporate "business cards" to large online stores and portals. On one side SEO experts spend a significant part of their time searching for niche keywords. Pastukhov Database allows to compete at the professional level. It frees up valuable time for planning and other important tasks. On the other side customers reduce their costs while getting results of the same high quality as if they manually built keyword lists with the help of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in semantic core building. Actively developing its own technology, and using such a three-dimensional framework of Max Pastukhov, our company achieves good results for customers - both at sales, and in SEO. In short, this product is really convenient and highly profitable - these are the words of SEO professional, expert in semantics and the happy customer.”

Roman optimism.ru

“Pastukhov Databases justify the rumors about it in SEO community by 100%! With their help, even a novice (quite stubborn and single-minded novice) can create high-quality projects. Do not miss your opportunity to get 2 times cheaper waht actually 4 times more expensive.”

Denis CompoSapience.ru

“Pastukhov Databases is a great tool for massive keyword research. Not only for SEO, but for PPC and marketing research, too. It saves enormous amount of time to build up a semantic core - just give it a try :)”

Peter peterq.ru

“Almost all webmasters compete for higher positions in SERPs using only the most competitive obvious keywords everyone else knows. There is much more art, in my opinion, to pick up your real niche keywords and build up a bridge for your site to its way to future success. These keywords do not always lie on the surface - you need really hard work to find them. One of the best tools that are suitable for this task is famous Pastukhov Databases. Along with highly informative data, and the software itself, I'm stunned with how keyword research finally became convenient and comfortable. It's not easy to meet user-friendly interface with great functionality - and Max managed to accomplish it!”

Eugene seointelligent.ru

“Among the free services I have never met one which could give me an accurate, specific information about each and any search query. Recently, I began to work with Pastukhov Databases - this is a huge list of various real search queries, with vast volume of information. But the real pleasure comes from the database software that greatly simplifies keyword research and semantic core building.”

Constantine inet-earn.ru

“First and foremost advantage of the databases collected by Max is, of course, the number of keywords. Such a large number of queries in Runet no one else offers, and, I'm sure, will not offer for a long time. The second great advantage is database software. The author did not leave the database user alone with huge files, he also built an easy-to-use interface for database querying and keyword list management. The third advantage that appreciate professional SEOs is their price. Yes, at first glance the price seems somewhat expensive, but in fact it's several times more profitable than its closest competitors.”

SEO-Blog seonelegal.com

“Pastukhov Databases is an indispensable tool for building up a semantic core. It is particularly relevant when dealing with online shopping niche and other content projects. A huge database of keywords, enclosed in an easy to use interface allows to rapidly get the most comprehensive list of search queries in any niche and to increase the overall effectiveness of SEO through the use of a large number of narrow niche keywords. All this makes it an indispensable database on a daily basis.”

Paul shapranov.ru

“Great, huge keyword databases! Today keyword research for a new project takes me less than 10 minutes, while getting not dozens of words, but thousands. Easy filtering of the results, exporting in a convenient format, and backup of the keyword lists to the server - this is what distinguishes this product from its competitors.”

Alex lelik17.ru

“Keyword databases are a magnificent creation of Max Pastukhov, a must-have tool for every SEO expert. I always use them in the promotion of online stores and other client websites. Special thanks to Max for the fact that he keeps the databases up to date!”

Alex seowit.ru

“The best I've seen for webmasters! With this tool, I reguarly find such new opportunities to earn online that previously had no idea about. Database size is enormous, software is very easy to use, all is comfortable and highly functional.”

Spomoni spomoni.com/2011/03/pastukhov-base.html

“With proper use these databases can be fast enough to collect large niche keyword lists. I managed to build a core for 300 000 requests for a customer in 2-3 hours. Yes, this was the first draft, but it's still much faster than using other online tools.”

WebProjects searchengines.ru/articles/obzor_bazy_past.html

“Well, generally speaking, the Pastukhov Databases is a great tool for all SEOs, both White and Black Hat, and, well, any moneymaker. It's especially good for Black-Hat SEO and large projects. Highly suitable for a blogger, too. You can easily find popular keywords for Google and Yandex, niche searches to build your semantic core.”

max1net.com max1net.com/bazy-pastuxova-%E2%80%93-ogromnyj-vybor-klyuchevyx-slov-ne-piar-a-moe-mnenie/

“What can be done with the help of this unique instrument? In my opinion, with the help of Pastukhov Databases anyone is able to create a complete semantic core. This is a key step of any SEO project, which can be easily handled with this tool. An expert can always collect the most complete core, without losing even a single query.”

workformation.ru workformation.ru/kak-ya-sobirayu-klyuchevye-slova-v-baze-pastuxova.html

“When I had a chance to take advantage of a Pastukhov Databases, my jaw just dropped open in surprise. With it, not only a competent optimizer can "push" their sites to the top of popular search engines, but a beginner can target specific audiences around the world. To do this, you just need to find the right LF (low-frequency queries) for your local website or requests of medium and high frequency for the global one.”

great-world.ru great-world.ru/bazy-klyuchevyx-slov-pastuxova/

“I'm sure you've already heard about Pastukhov Databases. I've been using them for building up a semantic core of my and my customers' websites.”

wpcreate.ru wpcreate.ru/prodvigenie/shag-117-besplatno-podgotavlivaem-vyiborku-klyuchevyih-slov-iz-bazyi-pastuhova-dlya-ispolzovaniya-v-key-collector.html

“Recently, I became one of the happy owners of remarkable Max Pastukhov Databases. I used to hear about these databases, but because of high prices for me did not dare to buy. Now I bought and I did not regret it, but rather acquired an excellent tool for the semantic core buidling. Max, respect you for this unique and useful product and responsive support!”

seowind.ru seowind.ru/baza-znanij-seo/obzor-baz-klyuchevyx-slov-maksima-past/

“It is a unique, unmatched, professional and huge database of keywords.”

seo-topshop.ru seo-topshop.ru/bazy-pastuxova.html

“Why do I use Pastukhov Databases, not just Key Collector? 1. Speed. When working with large projects, you go crazy to wait for Key Collector to find keywords. 2. Low-demand niches. According to my experience, due to the seasonal instability of requests Pastukhov Databases and Key Collectors provide different results. Pastukhov Databases give more low-frequency keywords, it's a fact. Of course, this is not always critical, but as you know, a penny saved is a penny earned.”

wpnew.ru wpnew.ru/raskrutka-bloga/seo_optimizaciya/baza-pastuhova.html

“This is really a very powerful tool for a webmaster. Keyword volumes stun imagination.”

lenin.ws lenin.ws/archives/103

“Pastukhov Databases is the ideal tool for creating effective doorway. But it's not just for doorway builders - with the help of this database, you can carry out semantic core building, conduct market research to determine the profitability of a particular niche, optimize your website for AdSense. In short, all the information required for these tasks can be obtained directly from the database in minutes.”

seo-masterskaya.ru seo-soft.seo-masterskaya.ru/?p=58

“Many people mistakenly believe that these databases is an expensive version of Key Collector, but they're completely wrong at it. If you find any other tool that finds keywords faster than Pastukhov Databases, I will shook your hand :)”

wlad2.ru wlad2.ru/base-pastuhov-800

“The database in the capable hands of a competent SEO expert becomes a powerful tool for quick keyword research. If you are an internet marketer, the possession of such products will free you from many routine tasks in the preparation of the semantic core, niche research and so on. All this is confirmed by other testimonials, as well.”

sosnovskij.ru sosnovskij.ru/baza-klyuchevyh-slov-pastuhova/

“Pastukhov Databases is an irreplaceable product. At this point, I do not know similar keyword databases for Runet with the ability to query 160 million keywords. Time and effort savings are huge. Substantial assistance in the semantic core building (one of the first steps on the way to a successful website promotion).”

ladymaksima.com ladymaksima.com/podbor-klyuchevyx-slov-po-baze-pastuxova/

“Always have something to pick on my category, and do further in-depth digging into a niche. Other similar services do not give you a long tail of low-frequency queries.”

seoprofy.net seoprofy.net/2012/11/bazy-pastuxova/

“SEO expert without Pastukhov Databases can't be called an "expert"!”

maulnet.ru maulnet.ru/archives/15441

“Pastukhov Databases are really useful for professional online marketers because they can save you a lot of time.”

sidash.ru sidash.ru/bazy-pastuhova-nezamenimyy-pomoshhnik-v-prodvizhenii-saytov/

“It is clearly seen that Pastukhov Databases can gain hundreds times more keywords than you are able to get from open sources. In general, this is the greatest advantage of it. I want to mention one small extra advantage - querying the database is much more faster than manual parsing. To some of you it may be a key difference. I will specifically point your attention to software speed and its usability - everything is logical, quick and straightforward.”

seo-newbie.ru seo-newbie.ru/2011/11/baza-klyuchevikov-pastuxova-prigoditsya-li/

“I mainly use these databases for my Google AdWords campaigns. With a little work, I found thousands of keywords in my niche and increased the total number of my keywords several times. I can not say that the traffic increased accordingly - I operate in a quite narrow niche, but an increase of 20-30% can be noted quite significantly. It's been a month since I did it, so my statistics is clear and accurate.”

bablorub.blogspot.com bablorub.blogspot.com/2011/03/blog-post_9337.html

“The main advantage of this database is that it contains a huge number of keywords in a fast and user-friendly interface. For example, when we needed to build automotive website, we just entered 5-10 initial keywords and voila! Huge number of niche keywords at our disposal.”

sysoev.me sysoev.me/bazy-pastuxova-60gb-klyuchevyx-slov-v-dejstvii/

“The databases really cover ALL niches. I always expect to find new keywords with good speed and minimal competition. And this is a direct way to receive targeted traffic to my sites. More traffic - more money. Pastukhov Databases is my number one tool for niche keyword research!”

9seo.ru 9seo.ru/bazy-klyuchevyx-slov-pastuxova/

“The usefulness of the database for doorway builders is difficult to overestimate.”

seonews.ru seonews.ru/analytics/obzor-bazyi-populyarnosti-zaprosov-pastuhova/

“This is a very serious and massive instrument, there are plenty of features, capabilities that can be applied for my work. Those who are professionally engaged in SEO clearly know why we need these databases and how to use them. Definitely Pastukhov Databases are much more comfortable than using free online keyword tools, plus they provide better results.”

tods-blog.com.ua tods-blog.com.ua/software/seo-soft/baza-pastuxova/

“Pastukhov Databases, so to speak, is really hardcore solution. The mere fact that the Russian Keyword Database contains 170,000,000 (one hundred seventy million) keywords and weights more than four gigabytes means that you can send in the right money at the right direction. When you need semantic core - here are the keywords. When you need doorways - here are the keywords. When you need keywords for AdSense - here are the keywords. Satellites, text generation, niche research, competitive research, website promotion, etc. - the list is endless.”

terehoff.com terehoff.com/pastukhovs-keywords.html

“This database makes it possible not only to optimize on a whim, or guided by that ill-fated "common sense", but use the real statistics and laws of large numbers. For me, this was the base of a qualitative leap, the door to the world of really effective SEO.”

blogerator.ru blogerator.ru/page/bazy-pastuhova-gde-kupit-so-skidkoj-seo-optimizacija

“We already wrote about the Pastukhov Databases feature, and again are ready to confirm that we consider it the best program to work with keywords in Runet.”

imagecms.net imagecms.net/blog/obzory/obnovlenie-bazy-pastuhova

“Pastukhov Databases is an interesting thing: it contains tons of data from a number of sources (Yandex, Rambler, AdWords, etc.), keywords, relations between them and other data such keyword popularity and the CPC. Russian and English, and German, French and Spanish ... everything is ready-to-use. You just need to learn to filter them properly.”

tukalo.ru blog.tukalo.ru/?p=226

“Every line of business has its own legend. SEO is not an exception. "Pastukhov Databases" is clearly the legend.”

altblog.ru altblog.ru/bazy-pastuxova-vpechatlenie-ot-ispolzovaniya/

“For me it's a measurable increase in the number of found keywords. But most of all pleased with the speed - if you value your time and comfort, just buy the databases. It's clearly worth it.”

kabanov.biz kabanov.biz/reklama-v-internete/1-000-000-000-klyuchevykh-slov-novaya-baza-pastukhova

“My feedback about the online databases? Great! Awesome!”

wlad2.ru wlad2.ru/online-pastukhov

“Pastukhov Databases is the perfect tool for long-tail keyword research. I strongly advise you to buy it without thinking, it's really worth the money.”

greencoma.ru greencoma.ru/pastukhov/

“Definitely: Pastukhov Database is really worth the money. Simple and an indispensable tool for SEO, doorways, internet marketing, etc.”

2millionera.com 2millionera.com/poiskovye-sistemy-i-seo/teper-bazy-pastuxova-pomogayut-katalogu-selxoztexniki.html

“The software is very well thought out, so that you can easily work with keywords. All that could be automated is automated, you quickly get comfortable with the interface and learn to manage not dozens, but hundreds of thousands keywords. Once you are comfortable with the interface and made a few queries, you can consider yourself an expert in keyword research.”

anokalintik.ru anokalintik.ru/akcionnaya-cena-na-bazy-pastuxova-klyucheviki-i-rabota-s-bazami-pastuxova.html

“The databases can be useful for building and optimizing MFA website under more lucrative requests, you can also significantly reduce Google AdWords costs if you intelligently approach the matter. These databases + software is a powerful tool for drawing up a semantic core for "black" and "white" SEO.”

bormaley.com bormaley.com/seo-soft/bazyi-pastuhova.html

“With a keyword list of tens of gigabytes, and a special software for convenient quierying of these lists, databases are an indispensable tool for the development of semantics of any website.”

blogto4ka.ru blogto4ka.ru/seo/programma-i-bazy-3-0.html

“Tons of keywords! Databases are excellent. Ever since I began to offer my keyword research services, Pastukhov Databases became my everyday tool of choice.”

rosaktivy.ru rosaktivy.ru/kak/russkaya-baza-pastuxova-obnovilas-teper-180-mln-klyuchevyx-slov/

“For those who don't know, Pastukhov Databases are English, Russian, French, Italian, German databases of keywords + links between them. Data are broken down by source, niche, the popularity of keyword in all popular search engines. The database links keywords sorted by the most popular topics.”

win32.su win32.su/2009/08/03/185

“Advantages: usability of the software, as well as the opportunity to unload my brains in the preparation of the semantic core. Here is an example: when searching for "make money online", I got such huge list in few seconds that immediately saved me an hour or two.”

2millionera.com 2millionera.com/poiskovye-sistemy-i-seo/analiziruem-bazy-pastuxova.html

“Another tool for building semantic core - Pastukhov Databases. Interesting SEO software that I use for a couple of years. It finds keywords, determines their popularity, PPC in advertising campaigns and much more. Service is very cool and interesting. After some time, I just have not found a replacement for it.”

andrew-e.com andrew-e.com/faq/bazy-klyuchevykh-slov-pastukhova.html

“Superspeed and billions of keywords: new Pastukhov Databases and its software. In fact, in Russia there is only one unique tool for keyword research and for compiling the semantic core. In ten minutes, you can create three-dimensional semantic core for any niche.”

saitowed.ru saitowed.ru/superskorost-i-millird-klyuchevyx-slov-novaya-baza-pastuxova-i-obolochka-k-nej/

“These databases is an enormous storehouse for doorway, SEO and MFA experts. You can't find similar volumes and relevance of keywords in the public domain. Just read reviews from respected people. If you build doorways, do website promotion or traffic arbitrage, you must have this tool!”

spomoni.com spomoni.com/seo/baza-pastuxova-skachat

“Such an abundance of keywords will simplify the task of finding keywords for your niche. It doesn't "make it easier", but completely replaces this job. If you are creating an online store, these databases is a great benefit from the start. I would especially point your attention to the volume of keywords This "toy" frees you from parsing AdWords or Wordstat, and indeed saves a lot of time. The speed of a querying of such a huge base surpasses all expectations, the software is running very fast.”

freewablon.ru freewablon.ru/stati/1-stati/811-2014-04-11-08-18-24.html

“The unique piece of software, without doubts. We are talking about Pastukhov Databases - an indispensable tool in the semantic core building.”

greenkaktus.wordpress.com greenkaktus.wordpress.com/2011/09/12/seo-base-partner/

“It's highly unlikely that you will not find your keywords in Pastukhov Databases. The databases will be useful for those who promote their or their customers' websites, who builds MFA sites or run any popular website or a blog.”

seokiev.com seokiev.com/2011/10/obzor-russkoj-bazy-pastuxova-180-millionnika/

“Why Pastukhov Databases are still relevant? Why not use free online tools? The answer is: the databases are not only in Russian, but in English, French, etc. When I need to create a semantic core, I often go to the English websites. With these databases I can receive significantly more keywords in any given niche. The software makes it really convenient to work with keywords.”

allin-vidnoe.ru allin-vidnoe.ru/novaya-russkaya-baza-pastuxova-na-210-mln-klyuchevyx-slov-uzhe-v-prodazhe.html

“It is simply irreplaceable thing that should be in every SEO toolbox. The advantage of these databases is that they are very accurate and show even the smallest niche keywords with different variations. The usefulness of this framework is difficult to overestimate, it's just perfect for the needs of the Internet Marketing.”

archil.net archil.net/seo/seo-soft/kak-ya-mog-zhit-bez-baz-pastuxova-konkurs/

“Databases offered by Max Pastukhov is a handy tool for website promotion on LF (low frequency) requests, building semantic core and writing ads.”

seorit.ru seorit.ru/soft/bazy-pastuhova-pastukhovcom-baza-klyuchevyh-slov

“The most pleasant feature in the last update is that database software has been optimized so that it just became a fairy tale.”

upgoing.ru upgoing.ru/archives/6965

“It allows you to quickly find the negative keywords for contextual advertising campaign.”

laborare.info laborare.info/all/search-of-minuses/

“After purchasing Pastukhov Databases I forgot what it means to manually parse the keys. In fact, 80 percent of all traffic falls on the low rather than high frequency. Therefore, you can pay less, pushing competitors less and get more traffic. Database interface can't be made more easier to use, it does everything you ever need, including querying, sorting, removing stop words, sorting by length/number of words and other data.”

heromant.com heromant.com/2013/03/%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B5%D0%B9%D1%88%D0%B0%D1%8F-%D0%B1%D0%B0%D0%B7%D0%B0-%D0%BF%D0%B0%D1%81%D1%82%D1%83%D1%85%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B0-%D0%B2-800-000-000-%D0%BA%D0%BB%D1%8E%D1%87%D0%B5%D0%B2%D1%8B%D1%85/

“I think that this database does not need an introduction to people who are somehow related to SEO. Pastukhov Databases is the largest, comprehensive and constantly updated database of keywords in all major languages. Yes, there are many similar tools, both desktop and online, but nobody can match its size and quality! This is the first database of such high level.”

uaseo.net uaseo.net/poleznosti/1753

“These databases are actively used by several hundred successful seo experts, web studios and web agencies. Databases can significantly save time on keywords research, building a semantic core and finding something new.”

vovka.su vovka.su/maksim-pastuhov-o-bazah-kluchevih-slov/

“Max Pastukhov for a long time is been associated with keywords. Any experienced SEOs knows: need keywords - go to Pastukhov. It was Max, who first came up with a niche, then taking the lead in his honor.”

dedushka.org dedushka.org/blog/5355.html

“Perhaps just lazy optimizer or very novice webmaster desn't know Max Pastukhov - the legendary, not afraid of this word, author of numerous keyword databases.”

vpautine.com vpautine.com/seo/Maks-Pastuhov

“Pastukhov Databases means quality and volume. The largest keyword database from around the world.”

blogarbik.ru blogarbik.ru/?p=943

“The main difference between Pastukhov Databases and Wordstat is that it has much more keywords. You find thousands of low frequency keywords, which can't be done in Wordstat. In addition, the feature-packed software allows you to do virtually anything with your keywords.”

blog-invest.ru blog-invest.ru/baza-pastuxova/

“If you are planning to actively promote your own or your customers' websites, launch large online projects, this product will pay for itself many times.”

seostop.ru seostop.ru/bazy-kluchevyh-slov.html

“The main feature of the database is it's ability to find huge amounts of keywords, the convenience of their viewing and editing. I quickly got used to the software, which I think deserves a separate review of its limitless functionality. Buy it, I would definitely recommend, but only if you already have a huge, brilliant, stunning, etc. plan for its use.”

harchenko.us harchenko.us/obzor-bazy-pastuxova-bonus/

“I personally recommend to use Pastukhov Databases. Wordstat - poor source scraps from the master's table. I do not preach the purchase of expensive software, you should think ten times before you buy anything (I can't calculate how many thousands of dollars I spent on stupid garbage recent years). Pastukhov Databases are my extra hands. If your personal budget allows - get it, there is nothing to even think about. If the budget does not allow - forget it. If you have not earned without it, you will earn nothing anyway.”

zenpr.ru zenpr.ru/klyuchevye-slova/

“The main difference from other alternatives, of course, is a ready-to-use database of keywords with the pre-harvested popularity data. But for me personally, the main value of the product was not in the keywords itself, but in the convenience of the sofware to work with keywords and data. It's the fact that it really allows you to get up to the wonders of filtering the entire list and make a selection in almost any perverse way.”

yavbloge.ru yavbloge.ru/bazy-pastuxova

“The main objective of the Pastukhov Databases is to help webmasters to "find their search queries." That is, using it not only experienced optimizers can "pull" their sites in top search engines, but even a beginner can choose suitable low-frequency queries, gather around a specific audience on the resource, perform analysis of search queries. After getting acquainted with the databases I just "fired" a desire to do some site that will collect a variety of low-frequency queries. Because even after a rather superficial work with this database I already know that it's real.”

dragonblog.ru dragonblog.ru/raznoe/obzor-bazy-klyuchevyx-slov-pastuxova/

“However, the content of the blog content - only one half of the story. The second is to optimize blog content for search engine queries. This means that you need to choose keywords, which will make advancement. Here come Pastukhov Databases. They contain the most popular searches for any keyword so you can simply choose the ones that match the theme of your blog.”

vladivostok.com vladivostok.com/business/11/11/blog-hitrosti-prodvizhenija.asp

“Typically, micro LF requests can be harvested from log files, no matter what the system will create them, but when you have a new site less than a year old,you will need Pastukhov Databases.”

maksis.ru maksis.ru/mikro-nch-zaprosy-i-baza-pastuxova.html

“To get more information, I recommend the use of alternative keyword tools, such as those of the Pastukhov. Despite the fact that most of the queries there has no additional data, this tool has a very cool querying and filtering feature: Yandex does not show the phrases that its users used in the previous months.”

habrahabr.ru habrahabr.ru/company/onlinepro/blog/114967/

“Really good and functional software, sharpened for keyword research. I highly recommend it to optimizers and webmasters, especially those who actively work in the field of advertising and PPC on the Western market.”

zavrab.ru zavrab.ru/programmy/bazy-klyuchevyx-slov-maksima-pastuxova.html

“Such a huge database in the capable hands of a competent SEO becomes a powerful tool for quick selection of keywords for the promoted website. A software for database allows us to analyze all the keywords and niches,build the semantic core of the website. At the same time, you can immediately make any notes or records. In other words, this program is a workplace of a SEO-expert.”

seoart.org.ua seoart.org.ua/seo/novaya-russkaya-baza-klyuchevyx-slov-maksima-pastuxova/

“Pastukhov Databases allow you to choose high-cost keywords, thus greatly reducing the expenditure part of the campaign. Using them, you will reduce the time on keyword research. Instead of a few hours making a list of requests it may actually take a few minutes! And this comes with the highest relevance of the found keywords!”

bigpicture.ru bigpicture.ru/?p=119433

“Pastukhov Databases is a very famous and popular tool for keyword research. Strictly speaking, it is a software system, built for the ease of keyword querying and filtering.”

pod-rabotka.ru pod-rabotka.ru/biznes-instrumentyi/klyuchevyie-slova-sayta-key-collector-key-pomozhet-poluchit-byistro/

“Maxim Pastukhov is well known throughout the blogosphere for its keyword databases, allowing you to get traffic by previously unknown keywords. And this is really a great idea. After all, when we are trying to write an article, we begin with the selection of keywords and the title of the article, but often we do not know, that in our own niche some keywords has no competition, while driving thousands of people. A database of keywords in this case provides a great assistance.”

damir-tote.ru damir-tote.ru/bazyi-klyuchevyih-slov-pastuhova-interv/

“This database is a versatile and is constantly updated/improves. The full version of the Pastukhov Databases presents not only Russian keywords, but also English, Italian, Spanish, German and French. Since we are talking about the extraction of Russian keywords, it should be noted that Pastukhov Databases has no competitors in the Runet - it's really THE product.”

bigfozzy.com bigfozzy.com/Articles/Promoution/russkie_kluczewye_slowa.php

“Pastukhov Keyword Databases is an unique thing. When I first took it, I was greatly and pleasantly surprised. Using this database, even an inexperienced optimizer can "push" their resources to the top of the search engines. You just need to learn how to select the appropriate low-frequency queries (LF). If you have a serious trust website, you can pick up keywords of medium or high popularity.”

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“According to many experts, Pastukhov Databases do not have competitors. The database displays such keywords, which does not show in any other tool. There are also many other built-in features making the databases extremely comfortable to use.”

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“Really, Pastukhov Databases is a great help for those who need to make a semantic core, or a keyword research. However, many resent the high cost of the database, but if you use it correctly, then all will pay off quickly. Thanks to this excellent database, many of you will be able to earn good money on keyword research/semantic core building. With Pastukhov Databases, this can be done easily and quickly.”

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“The experiment showed that using the Pastukhov Databases, you can collect more keywords in less time. Working with the database is done through the software that has all the necessary filters and sorting, eliminating the need to copy-paste into Excel. With a long list of 1,000 or more keywords, the convenience is really starting to be felt.”

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“I myself have tried to collect keywords manually, and after a couple of hundred keys started to look for automation tool for this purpose. I did not expect that there is so little software for the keyword research with mostly poor functionality. Then I came to Pastukhov Databases, which actually got the job done.”

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“Despite the seeming simplicity of interface at a first glance, I recommend you to start with reading Help (by the way, very detailed instructions), which you will easily understand. First of all, I was pleasantly surprised with extremely wide range of features, using which I started to get interesting results.”

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“Pastukhov Databases helps to effectively optimize your site and build its semantic core.”

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“The advantage of Pastukhov Databases is an opportunity to see virtually all of the unique user requests that are not in Wordstat. Highly recommended for those who want to see all queries, not only popular keywords.”

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“Pastukhov Databases - is an unique product in RuNnt, which has no alternatives. It's a huge database of searches, some of which can hardly be found in such popular services like Wordstat or Google Adwords.”

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“If you run several projects, it is necessary to invest and get Pastukhov Databases.”

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“The most advanced keyword database is clearly Pastukhov Databases.”

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“Of course, Pastukhov Databases provide more detailed, comprehensive information.”

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“The use of Pastukhov Databases inevitable leads to success in website promotion.”

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“Huge number of keywords. Intuitive interface, which is pleasant to work with. The ability to obtain not only the keywords on given topics, but also such additional information to them as the number of impressions in the Yandex, Begun, CPC, the number of impressions in the Rambler. Pastukhov collected the largest number of keywords. Keycollector, for example, provides an order much less keywords than can be gathered from the database. These are just a few advantages - only at a first glance.”

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“Pastukhov Databases is a huge warehouse of keywords.”

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“There is no optimizer, who has not heard about this remarkable tool, Pastukhov Databases. This tool can be perfectly used for compiling the semantic core of the site, as well as for a successful low frequency keyword research. It can be concluded that Pastukhov Databases is a very popular product, filfilling all the wishes of optimizers.”

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“You can quickly and easily find all the necessary keywords and build up the semantic core of the site. The database shows the correct order of words in the query. There are keywords that are not shown in Wordstat for certain reasons. The database with its highly comfortable and functional software is a must have tool.”

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“Such a large database in the expert hands of a competent optimizer become a powerful keyword research tool. If you are an internet marketer, the possession of this product will free you from many routine tasks in the preparation of the semantic core, niche analysis, etc .. And it's confirmed not only by me, but by dozens other reviews.”

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“Pastukhov Databases is my chief assistant in promoting the site.”

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Discontinued Sorry, but this product is no longer available for purchase. Please visit adomation.com for updates.